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This cooperative structure consists of working without speaking in which the students have a sheet and they have to communicate through it, so this is a silent activity. In addition, during the activity they must check and correct what their classmates have done as they go rounding the paper.

The activity I have designed will be done by the students of 5th grade of Primary School in the English class where they are working with the present perfect tense, so they have to create a story using this tense. Besides, they have to use storyteller dices and they can use at least five pictures of them. In that way, they will have to write the story using these vocabulary words and tense. In case they need to talk among them, they will write on the paper so that they can share many different ideas. They will have all the session to do the activity and there is no limit in rounding the sheet to do the activity. Related to the grouping, the group will be composed by four students in order to provide better communication among them and to play different roles.

They will work in a heterogeneous group in which each student have different skills, it is important to know that, at the beginning of working in cooperative learning we have to group the pupils very carefully, because we have to keep in mind the characteristics, skills and personalities from our students to ensure the will be comfortable in the team. Furthermore, apart from fulfill the task, each student is going to play a role within the group, this make them be responsible for some specific tasks from the group.

In that way, one of them will be the encourager responsible for motivate the group, another one will be the checker who will be responsible for checking anything they write in the sheet, they are supposed to check the writing every time they round the sheet but this person will be responsible for verifying that their classmates are working well, the third one will be the coach and will be responsible for, in case they have any doubt, ask to the teacher, and finally, the fourth one will be the recorder, responsible for checking if they have named every vocabulary word from the dices.

To finish the activity, they will have to share the story with the whole group reading aloud, when every member of the group will read a part of the text. And every group will have to invent a title for any story.

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